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All our sheets are printed with the following properties as a guaranteed minimum. It's also possible to request a personalized sheet with other characteristics, request us whatever you wish to see drawn for you.

  • Dimentions: A4 (210 x 297 mm).
  • Grammage: 160 gr.
  • Printed by color ink injection.
  • Numbered sheet.
  • Embossed in relief (seal of 3.00 cm diameter in the lower left border).
  • Light varnishing.

In addition to the plates that can be found on this page, we also have plates for adults in our, where you can find mature content Tumblr BuriedRabbit.

Clarification Notes and Standards

In this section we want to clarify some points:

  • you are not allowed to photocopy the sheets, nor to print the ones shown on this page with measures higher than A5. If you wish, you can ask us for permission, we reserve our rights to accpet or reject.
  • It is not allowed to photograph or share via Internet pictures without citing the author.
  • The stamp that is seen in the miniatures is not the stamp that the real plates carry, since the real one is small, discreet, and it is a relief, not an impression.
  • The total number of printed sheets will not change once the sheets have been created, as of that moment, if they are exhausted, they can only be acquired by negotiating with a buyer who already has them, leaving us (BuriedRabbit) outside the negotiation.


FaerieAvaiable: 8/10

RiderAvaiable: 7/10

NaiadAvaiable: 8/10

PriestessAvaiable: 8/10

RangerAvaiable: 8/10

WarriorAvaiable: 8/10

WizardAvaiable: 8/10

Lámina única: KathiaAvaiable: 0/2