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Buried Rabbit

Buried Rabbit

Buried Rabbit is a study of Mixed Arts and Videogames in which, in addition, it also offers web pages from scratch, just like the one you are watching at this moment.

Nether Storm


We are working on the upgrade of NetherStorm Celine and also on NetherStorm Dustiness, this two games are being developped under Unity Plus.

This upgrade for NetherStorm Celine will be for free for direct customers and for customers from another platforms like DLSite (only for those who have purchased the Original Product). If you're a direct customer owner of NetherStorm Celine, please to register a new account here using your payer email address (or tell us the Paypal's Transaction ID) and contact us at info@buriedrabbit.com, we will link the game to your account and you will be able to play the Development version (and the Released version when done).

The Multiplayer functions are still under the most early Alpha and we can't guarrantee that we can complete it without the help of our Patrons.

The Patronage will be done from this platform by adding cash to your account (the spent cash will still count to your total Pledge), you can use the cash to adquire the license before than the development is completed, or make requests like animations or enemies (or also custom characters, but this ones may be spensive).

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