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Buried Rabbit is a study of Mixed Arts and Videogames in which, in addition, it also offers web pages from scratch, just like the one you are watching at the moment. If you want to know more about the operation of this page, we recommend that you visit the following link of "help".

In this moment we are developing several projects, and you can know more about them by clicking on each of them, or by scrolling the page.

Video-juego Nether StormIlustraciones Buried Rabbit

Nether Storm


Celine - Nether Storm

It is an adult platform videogame with a female character in which you will have to destroy your enemies or destroy their minds so that they fulfill your desires, destroy each other, and you can also allow them to do what they want.

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Improve your stats, get new powers, learn spells and empower them.

The gameplay depends on your choices!

Illustrations and Prints


We design illustrations by request, as well as A4 sheets on 160 and 200g high quality ink paper.

If you wish, you can order one of the slides that we already have designed, or request a custom one, tell us what you have in your mind and we will tell you how it could be done.

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Art & Hand-Made

Brujita by SonnyMansonShinodaWe draw and paint with pencil, ink, and watercolors accepting requests. This draws can ve turned into digital illustrations.

There's no limits, request whatever you wish, also if it's hentai, there's no problems to deal with it; the only rule is that it must be legal.

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