Welcome to the first web-page server for Second Life ready to be used in the web-players to show your rules, your videos, and also your photo-galleries without ads.

Subscribe to any of our tiers
Build your website for Second life in a simple and dynamic way:

  • WordPress Interface.
  • Simple theme.
  • Economic.
  • Centralized plugins.

We will provide you with TVs so that you can display your website within the game and, if you wish, you can also display other websites**.

The television does not distort the image and shows the web as if it were a full-hd screen (1920×1080)***, and we have 3 different screens:

  • Vertical with foot for announcements.
  • Vertical wall.
  • Horizontal wall.
Try and decide, we won't charge anything.
0.00$/w *
Standard Site
Build your website yourself.
Supported Site
Build your website with assistance.

*In the Trial Tier you must renew your Trial Subscription every 48 hours, if you don’t renew the subscription the page will be disabled, after that there is a redemption period of 1 month to let you resubscribe, or to subscribe to any other tier level, if you don’t renew the subscription, all the data will be erased. If you subscribes to a Higer Tier, you must start a new page from 0 or let us know that you wish to migrate the page from free to the paid tier.

** The trial version does not include a full rights TV, so you can only show the Trial page, no any other page.

***Second life has limited the textures up to 1024×1024, the FullHD resolution is emulated because it’s decreased to the SL limit with a fixed scale.